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CostaRicaOffice.com is the right place to come to when you need any virtual office services. Cutting down on costs can't come in any better way where office work is involved. We offer unrivalled serves that will not only spare you a lot of costs and time but we will give you, together with your clients, the best service that there is in the business.


Receiving Mail

We receive mail on your behalf from all over the world and then resend the same to you. We will also scan the letters and email to you the scanned copies if there is need to. This gives you time to concentrate on other important issues and also spare you the hustles and the time of running to the post office all the time.

Receiving Parcels

We will receive all your parcels that have been sent via courier companies like DHL, FedEx and others. It is well known that handling the courier packages can be very tedious and bothersome at the best of times. To save you doing all the paperwork, we will take all this in stride and handle all the courier work for you. Yours will only be to receive the package.

Receiving Telephone Calls

Answering the telephone calls for you. In a business setup you will agree that there are times that the phone will demand your full attention and you practically spend half the day dealing with the phone in your hand. If one look at it in an economic way it adds little value to the actual money making for your business.

Bulk Clients and Callers

Because we know that the bulk clients and callers are from the 800 zone, that is USA/Canada, we offer our customers a very friendly and highly professional service that ensures that the customers are handled well and their every need fulfilled.

CostaRicaOffice.com is a unique company because our approach to business is that our customers get the best at the least possible cost. After all, the customer came to us to cut his costs and to get top notch service. All of our charges are extremely reduced and at the same time competitive. This obviously comes against the backdrop of the excellent service that our members of staff offer our clients.

In our virtual service work, we ensure that the client not only gets what he or she asked from us, but we ensure that we regularly follow up with them to make sure the service is satisfactory. All of our costaricaoffice.com employees are highly qualified and they have undergone extensive virtual office training that makes them to be the best in the market. This ultimately means that our customers get the best service that they deserve.

With the extensive training that is given to our members, the very important fact that might be overlooked by others is the fact that your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. Visit us and enjoy top notch service in virtual office services.

Success Stories

"CostaRicaOffice.com is the best virtual office that you can get in the market. It is located in Costa Rica and provides excellent professional virtual office services. We understand that in the current market, everybody is looking for a way to cut down on costs. Many office owners are looking for ways through which they can outsource some of the more basic services so that they are left with enough time to concentrate on the core of their business."

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